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Sisulizer 1.6.6 Enterprise Edition

Sisulizer 1.6.6 Enterprise Edition | 28 MB

The Enterprise edition offers support to localize remote databases like SQLServer and other. Visual JSP, ASP and PHP support makes it the most complete Sisulizer edition. It can be called from build tools to automate software distribution. The capability to access shared external translations memories like Trados (tm) (6.5 or higher) makes it the perfect solution for team development. New: With the Enterprise Edition you now can also localize any HTML Help files (.chm). Of course the Enterprise edition has everything the smaller editions also have.

What's new in Sisulizer 1.6:
Sisulizer 1.6 again improves your localization experience. Here is a list of the most important changes in 1.6:

Text file localization with regular expressions
- Define the translatable contents using regular expressions. With this you can localize more text formats with Sisulizer than ever.
More third party components supported
- Sisulizer 1.6 supports a large list of the most important third party components for .NET and Delphi. You find more details about our third party component support program here.
Improved user interface
- New columns for number of pixels/characters of translation.
- The translation toolbar is now above translation grid making the interface more logical and easier to use.
Improved HTML Help support
- Better WYSIWYG for help contents.
- Localization of auto-generated index entries.
- Faster scanning of large CHM files.
Optimized scanning of HTML files
Improved XML translation support
-More flexible support to better cover different XML structures.
Better INI-file support
- Support for quoted and escaped strings.
Improved IME support
- IME settings are now also saved into general settings as default for new projects.
- JSP is now better supported. Sisulizer now comes with JSP samples.
- New for the free Translation Edition
- Validation added
-Spell-checking added
- Local DBISAM translation memories access added
New for the Personal Edition
- Validation added
- Spell-checking added
- Local DBISAM translation memories access added

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