e premte, 21 shtator 2007

Putumayo Presents: A New Groove

VA - Putumayo Presents: A New Groove
World Groove | MP3 | 320 Kbps | 50 MB | RS

On A New Groove, Putumayo continues its exploration of new sounds by collecting tracks from a variety of DJs, producers and musicians who may have started out as bedroom producers but have transmitted themselves far beyond the confines of those four walls. A New Groove features high-powered performances by a bevy of musicians from across the globe.


01. Emo - In The Back Of The Car (Denmark)
02. Bittersweet - Dirty Laundry (Usa)
03. Gabriel Rios - Unrock (Puerto Rico)
04. The Cat Empire - The Lost Song (Australia)
05. Alice Russell - High Up On The Hook (Uk)
06. K-0s - Crabbuckit (Canada)
07. Linn And Freddie - L.I.N.N. (Sweden)
08. Radio Citizen Featuring Bajka - The Hop (Germany)
09. Jehro - Everything (France)
10. Thievery Corporation - Until The Morning (Rewound By Kid Loco) (Usa)

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