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Culture Wars: Secular-Catholic Conflict in Nineteenth-Century Europe

Culture Wars: Secular-Catholic Conflict in Nineteenth-Century Europe
Cambridge University Press | ISBN 0521809975 | 2003 Edition | PDF | 374 Pages | 3.65 MB

Twelve essays from a team of European experts examine the struggle that broke out between secular and religious forces in late nineteenth-century Europe. They highlight the role of trans-national forces and their interaction with local conditions. This collection combines an account of the impact of secular-religious strife, at the level of high politics, with case studies that elucidate the meaning of culture war for specific regions and communities.

"An excellent teaching volume. Especially useful are contributions on the culture wars in smaller or more remote European countries that are often neglected in narratives of nineteenth century Europe."

"There is no other work that brings together so much useful information..."

"A welcome historical perspective on the European religous experience that lead to the modern secular period where the wall remains high between Church and State."
Catholic Books review

"The breadth of its coverage ... make[s] it a valuable contribution to the literature.... For students of European Catholicism and confessional history."
The Catholic Historical Review


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