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After the Battle - The Cockleshell Heroes Raid ((ISSUE No. 118)

After the Battle - The Cockleshell Heroes Raid ((ISSUE No. 118)
BATTLE OF BRITAIN INT LTD. | ISSN: 0306154x | Winston G.Ramsey | 66 pages | PDF | English | 56 MB

THE COCKLESHELL HEROES RAID - Brigadier Tony Hunter-Choat and Major Mark Bentinck tell the story of the Royal Marine operation in December 1942 to attack German shipping in Bordeaux harbour using two-man canoes in Operation 'Frankton'. Wreck Recovery - The Trials of Flying Officer George Kosh - Killed when his Hawker Tempest JN765 crashed near the Sussex coast during an early morning sortie to attack approaching flying bombs on July 1, 1944, the investigation of this airman's crash site was the subject of a court case in 2002. United Kingdom - RAF Officers' Hospital, Torquay - The story of the bombing of this RAF rehabilitation hospital on Sunday, October 25, 1942. It Happened Here - Werl Allied Prison - Helmuth Euler describes the history of the prison in this small Westphalian town which served as an Allied prison in the British zone of occupation from 1945 to 1957.

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