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After the Battle - The v3 and v4 (ISSUE No. 114)

After the Battle - The v3 and v4 (ISSUE No. 114)
BATTLE OF BRITAIN INT LTD. | ISSN:0306154x | Winston G.Ramsey | 54 pages | PDF | English | 80 MB

THE SECRET WEAPONS V3 AND V4 - Jean Paul Pallud's detailed investigation in France, Luxembourg, Germany and Poland into the construction and use of the Hochdruckpumpe V3 and the Rheinbote V4 rocket. Italy - The Battle for Cecina - The battle in June/July 1944 for this Italian coastal town as described by Robert Holt and Daniele Guglielmi. It Happened Here - Rubensdörffer and the Croydon Raid - Andy Saunders describes the attack on August 15, 1940 by Eprobungsgruppe 210 which led to the death of its Commanding Officer. Wreck Recovery - Digging in Latvia's Valley of Death - Chris McDermott explores an uncleared battlefield in the Courland Peninsula. United Kingdom - Cowardice in Battle - Lieutenant-Colonel Archie Browne, who served in both World Wars explains the impact of fear and its consequences on the servicemen. The story includes the establishment of the 'Shot at Dawn' commemoration at the National Memorial Aboretum at Arewas, Burton-on-Trent.

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