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Pranic Healing

pranic healing

Choa Kok Sui «Pranic Healing»
Red Wheel Weiser (1990-06) | ISBN 0877287139 | PDF | 384 Pages | 1.83 Mb

Excellent introductory guide for healers. Whether you study reiki, polarity, therapeutic touch or another modality, this is the perfect introduction book for you. Pranic healing is the term used to encompass many energy healing techniques known around the world. However, it is not initiation-based like reiki. That means you can learn to use pranic healing without the blessings from a Master.

"Pranic Healing" completely covers the essentials of healing: cleansing oneself, prayer, cleaning the patient's energy body, sending energy and closing the healing session. Also are included basics of chakras, the power of words and illnesses.

It includes this specific technique's way to raise energy and cleanse the practitioner: the Meditation on the Two Hearts, a short 5-minute meditation to do before healing that opens up the heart center and blesses the healer for healing work. However, I should add that these techniques are very powerful and, like any spiritual work, they could cause issues in the heart center and even in the body itself. The help of a psychic or shaman may then be needed if difficulties arise. Overall, an excellent guide if precautions are taken to use it well.

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