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After the Battle - Shell House Raid (ISSUE No. 113)

After the Battle - Shell House Raid (ISSUE No. 113)
BATTLE OF BRITAIN INT LTD. | ISSN: 0306154x | Winston G.Ramsey | 54 pages | PDF | English | 56 MB

THE SHELL HOUSE RAID - The story of the low-level Mosquito raid on the Gestapo headquarters in Copenhagen in March 1945 is described by Douglas Hinton. War Film - The Date of Infamy on Screen - Lawrence Suid describes the films made about the Japanes attack on Pearl Harbor including the making of the latest film directed by Michael Bay and released in 2001. United Kingdom - Deerbolt Camp - Frank T. Smith recounts the history of the training camp at Barnard Castle used in both World Wars. Wreck Recovery - The Icelandic Battle - In 1999 Hordur Geirsson found the remains of Fairey Battle P2330 on an Icelandic Glacier. Squadron Leader Nick Barr tells the story of the recovery and subsequent burial of the crew. It Happened Here - Bravery in New Guinea - Phillip Bradley describes the exploits of Private Nathan Van Noy at Finschhafen and Sergeant Thomas Derrick at Sattelberg. Remembrance - Commemorating Saskatchewan's War Dead - Doug Chisholm's remarkable efforts to memorialise servicemen who lost their lives from this Canadian province.

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