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Rexx Programmer's Reference

Rexx Programmer's Reference
Wrox | ISBN: 0764579967 | 720 pages | March 11, 2005 | PDF

* Originally developed for mainframes but highly portable across platforms-from servers to desktops to handhelds-Rexx is an easy yet powerful scripting language that's widely used for rapid application development.
* Covers Rexx interpreters for specialized functions-object-oriented, mainframe, and handheld.
* There are 8 different free Rexx interpreters optimized for different platforms and uses. This book shows how to use them all.
* Shows how to script for GUIs, databases, web servers, XML, and other interfaces.
* Details how to make the best use of Rexx tools and interfaces, with examples for both Linux and Windows.
* Includes a tutorial with lots of examples to help people get up and running.

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