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Memory from A to Z: Keywords, Concepts, and Beyond

Memory from A to Z: Keywords, Concepts, and Beyond
Publisher:Oxford University Press, USA | 2002-12-12 | ISBN:0198502672 | Pages:320 | PDF | 3.4 MB

Book Description:

This is an innovative and engaging companion to the language of memory research. It consists of over 130 entries, bound within a coherent conceptual framework. Each entry starts with a definition, or a set of definitions, followed by an in-depth and provacative discussion of the origin,
meaning, usage and aplicability of ideas and problems central to the neuroscience of memory and scientific culture at large. The entries, linked by webs of associations, can be read and enjoyed, and provide a versatile tool kit: a source for definitions, information and further reading; a trigger
for contemplation, discussion and experimentation; and an aid to study, teaching and debate in classes and seminars. The text is supported by an extensive reference listing, and there is a comprehensive subject index, incorporating a much wider range of terms relevant to the field.



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