e hënë, 17 dhjetor 2007

The Macrophage

The Macrophage
Publisher:Oxford University Press, USA | 2002-08-15 | ISBN:0192631977 | Pages:680 | PDF | 5.7 MB

Book Description:

The field of macrophage research has grown enormously since publication of the first edition of this book. The Macrophage, Second Edition provides a unique, comprehensive review of the current scientific knowledge of the multifaceted role of this important and intriguing cell in health and disease. In 16 chapters, written by experts in the field, it covers the basic biology and diverse functions of macrophages in specific diseases and the complex interactions between macrophages and other cells. Ranging from their role in the defence against pathogens, their role as hosts for pathogens (including HIV), their complex roles in diseases such as arthritis and cancer, and their potential for use in novel gene therapy approaches to disease treatment, the book gives an up to the minute account of active macrophage research. The editors have included a broad range of topics that will appeal not only to immunologists and cell biologists but will also be of interest to those working in the specific disease areas covered.



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