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Fireworks MX Bible

Fireworks MX Bible
Wiley | ISBN: 0764536621 | 963 pages | August 15, 2002 | PDF | 20 Mb

* Covers all Fireworks features, including new interface elements, the Properties Inspector, on-screen text editing, vector tools, new transparency and object layer tools, and more!
* Provides amazing tips for rollovers, layers, frames and slices.
* Shows how to take advantage of Fireworks' excellent image compression, export options, and image tweening, plus its easy-to-use GIF animation engine.

Includes "Fireworks Technique" ideas such as Incorporating Rollovers in Image Maps and Mastering Creative Edges provide real-world examples throughout the book.
Shows how to work more effectively by taking advantage of Fireworks' special integration with Dreamweaver and Flash.

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