e enjte, 1 nëntor 2007

Raven: Scripting Java Builds with Ruby

Matthieu Riou, "Raven: Scripting Java Builds with Ruby"
Apress | ISBN: 159059875X | June 25, 2007 | PDF | 64 pages | 1171 KB

Raven is a Ruby-based build system that leverages Ruby tools (namely Rake and Gems) to help you effectively and easily manage your Java projects, providing a way to handle dependencies and specific tasks for Java. Raven: Scripting Java™ Builds with Ruby covers the most productive and flexible Java build tool around with the following approach:

* Uses practical examples and concise explanations to show you how to effectively use Raven
* Summarizes best practices and delves into coverage of the more complex scenarios you will inevitably encounter when using Raven
* Empowers you to set up a complete build environment in no time

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