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NatureFX | Plugin for 3D applications incl Lightwave 3DsMax

NatureFX | Plugin for 3D applications incl Lightwave 3DsMax
299kb + add ups | Graph editor | rainbow creation | Fast rendering | ocean surface creation | boat wakes

for Lightwave and other 3D applications probably 3Ds max/Mud Box/zBrush/Maya
NatureFX has always been regarded as the only professional large water body creation tool available for ANY 3D application. Supported is standard water surface texturing (bump mapping) and ocean swells (displacement mapping). In addition, procedural volumetric clouds and atmospheric effects (haze, rainbows, etc.) come standard with NatureFX!

Volumetric and evolving clouds: all difficult to create in LightWave. Generate photo-realistic clouds and atmospheres. Includes an advanced optics shader that allows full control of volumetric lighting properties such as self-shadowing, visibility, and specular highlights.

NatureFX allows the LightWave animator to create these same effects with ease. The interface is easy to use and understand. Unlike other similar software, with Psyclone you get what you expect, completely photo-real clouds.

Moving water, wakes, ripples: all difficult to create in LightWave. You've seen the movies we all admire and try to imitate: Contact, Sphere, The Truman Show, Devil's Advocate, The Fifth Element, 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, Waterworld, and the Academy Award winning James Cameron epic, Titanic.

The popular nature effects plug-in is capable of creating authentic-looking water effects, from vast ocean scenes to backyard pools. View from both above and below the surface with ripples, swells, and wakes, and generate photo-realistic clouds and atmospheres.

New in NatureFX V2.0:

One GUI allows quicker tweaking and setup.
Graph Editor and Expression support.
Greater control over rainbow creation and placement.
Supports evolving clouds and precisely fit a cloud to any object shape with shape preview right in layout.
Integrated with LW6 & 7 volumetric rendering meaning faster rendering.
Better ocean rendering with improved support for reflection and refraction.
Straight AND curved boat wakes.

System/soft requirements
LightWave 7.0b or higher
Windows or Mac OSX (Mac OS9 is available upon special request)

Product home page

Price: $375.25

Product size 299kb + 1mp3 free for you and for me to generate point in rapidshare...Thanx

Download [No Mirrors please]

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