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Programming the PIC Microcontroller with MBASIC


Jack Smith "Programming the PIC Microcontroller with MBASIC"
Publisher: Newnes | Pages: 800 | 2005-06-14 | ISBN:0750679468 | PDF | 12,3 Mb

The Microchip PIC family of microcontrollers is the most popular series of microcontrollers in the world. However, no microcontroller is of any use without software to make it perform useful functions. This comprehensive reference focuses on designing with Microchips mid-range PIC line using MBASIC, a powerful but easy to learn programming language. It illustrates MBASICs abilities through a series of design examples, beginning with simple PIC-based projects and proceeding through more advanced designs. Unlike other references however, it also covers essential hardware and software design fundamentals of the PIC microcontroller series, including programming in assembly language when needed to supplement the capabilities of MBASIC. Details of hardware/software interfacing to the PIC are also provided.



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