e enjte, 1 nëntor 2007

Photographic Atlas of the Moon

S. M. Chong, Albert Lim, P. S. Ang, "Photographic Atlas of the Moon"
Cambridge University Press | ISBN: 0521813921 | 156 Pages | PDF | 90 MB

The Photographic Atlas of the Moon is a daily photographic guide to observing the features of the Moon through a 40cm telescope and high-resolution, low-speed film. Whole Moon images are provided for each day of the 29-day lunar cycle, with labelled features and descriptive text. Selected lunar features are shown at high magnification to highlight and clearly illustrate certain regions. All lunar features are labelled using current IAU terminology. A comprehensive set of appendices detail the phases of the Moon, give a chronology of its lunar selenography and index all lunar features named in the text.

Password: tFPHATOTM1.rar

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