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PC Toys: 14 Cool Projects for Home, Office, and Entertainment


Barry Press "PC Toys: 14 Cool Projects for Home, Office, and Entertainment"
Wiley (2003-11-07) | ISBN 076454229X | 336 Pages | PDF | 10.8 Mb

You can only surf the Net so long. You can only play so much video poker. So if you're a PC addict who's ready for some new fun, this book is your toybox. Each of the 14 projects inside includes a parts list, suggestions for finding the needed equipment, clues to the cost, helpful Web links, and complete directions. What's that? You have a few ideas of your own? Check out the suggestions in the final chapter, and start inventing your own PC toys.

The Toys

Each with a complete materials list and detailed, illustrated instructions

1. TiVo-like video recorder
2. MP3 or CD jukebox
3. Coffeepot controller
4. Telescope tracking station
5. Workout monitor
6. Home surveillance with Internet remote access
7. Fridge and freezer monitor
8. Fish tank monitor
9. Auto diagnostic center
10. In-car navigation system
11. Weather station
12. Robots
13. Networked video games
14. Model train controller

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