e enjte, 1 nëntor 2007

Introduction to Artificial Neural Systems

Jacek M. Zurada, "Introduction to Artificial Neural Systems"
Pws Pub Co | ISBN: 053495460X | January 1992 | PDF | 764 pages | 34205 KB

Zurada has explained the whole book in a very simple terminologies. Though there are some parts of the book that would require extensive mathematical background. He has covered all the learning algorithms with their advantages, disadvantages and most of all their stability and why they work! Some other books sometimes miss out the last two points, discussing about only their pros and cons, but not Zurada.

This is a must buy book for neural engineers, because it covers the whole subject in depth. The first 6 chapters are excellently written and the ease with which i could understand neural networks from this book could not be matched by any other book. I would recommend Neural network design-by Demuth, hagan, et al. with this book, which would also help one to use implement the ideas in software.

Overally a must-buy book for a neural engineer, treating the whole subject in entireity.

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