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Applying Psychology to Everyday Life: A Beginner's Guide

Kenneth T. Strongman , "Applying Psychology to Everyday Life: A Beginner's Guide"
Wiley - 2006-07-18 | ISBN: 0470869887 | 302 Pages | 1.4 Mb | PDF

This text gives a general introduction to the subject but in a way that demonstrates its applicability to their work and to everyday life, whilst remaining academically grounded. It demonstrates how psychology can make a practical difference in the ‘real world’. Topics covered include emotions, motivation, social life and the lifespan.

Basic, up-to-date introduction to psychological concepts
Practical exercises and techniques
Scene setting examples from real life


Kenneth Strongman is Pro-Vice Chancellor, College of Arts, at the University of Canterbury, New Zealand. He has published several books on emotion, emotional experience and its implications, including The Psychology of Emotion: From Everyday Life to Theory, now in its fifth edition. He has also published numerous papers, and written extensively at the popular level.

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