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XPlite Professional

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The ultimate security system? There can be little argument that certain Microsoft technologies have proven themselves to put your privacy, security and system stability at risk. The sheer number of Windows Update security fixes that are released on an almost daily basis testify to this fact. You can choose alternate technologies to avoid the security risks, yet the flawed components remain on your system unused, until the next irresponsible hacker or malicious script takes advantage of the situation. Everybody should be running with the latest patches and Service Packs - but is this enough? XPlite and 2000lite allow you to completely remove features that might put you at risk. For example - many email viruses use Outlook Express and the Windows Address Book to invade your privacy and that of your friends whose addresses you have stored. If you choose to use an alternate email system then XPlite and 2000lite allow you to totally remove Outlook Express and the Windows Address Book from your system. Now you know you are protected!

Changes in XPlite Professional 1.9.0316, 25-JULY-2007:
* Minor fix to media player component

Changes in XPlite Professional 1.9.0315, 6-MAR-2007:
* Fix for loading data from configuration file when running on read-only media
* Fix to license code to eliminate contact to the internet for valid licenses

XPlite Professional 1.9.0314, 12-FEB-2007:
* Fixed loading of profiles on startup using /o: command line switch
* Extensive enhancement to IE removal to remove and cleanup IE v7
* Updated uninstaller for Windows Media Player 11 (beta) and fixed some issues with Windows Media Player 10. SHould be possible to wind back to WMP 9 without difficulty from WMP10 or 11.
* Clean IE 6.01 build numbers for XPSP2 in registry corrected up to ensure the appropriate Windows Updates are re-detected following reinstallation of IE v6
* Fixed error when XPlite needs to reboot XP after uninstalling (XPlite could not launch a cleanup when Windows was in the process of shutting down)
* Improve clearing of DLLCache folder. XPlite now moves deleted files to %windir%\LastGood and keeps the original compressed dllcache folder intact. This prevents the automatic system file protection scan on reboot.
* If user elects to disable the DLLCache by setting the SFCQuota to minimum (1MB) then XPlite will create a 1MP temp file in the DLLCache folder to prevent any system files being cached or copied from the CD during the scan (SFCQuota minimum is 1MB and after SP1 can not be disabled 100%)
* Improve cleaning of empty folders following uninstallation
* Fix uninstalltion and reinstall of SP2 OOBE files
* Added Teletext and VBI Filters to Direct Show component
* Fixed versioning of DirectX 9.0c under XP SP2 and 2003 SP1
* Improved removal of System Information (MSInfo) under Windows 2000 to clear Defrag from common MMC
* Improved removal of Defrag under Windows 2000 to clear Defrag from common MMC
* Changes to removal of Health/Help Centre to ensure that *.hlp files used by system dialogs are not deleted.
* Augmented removal of DrWatson and Narrator to remove and reinstall their associated help files.
* Enhanced removal of Automatic Updates to include removing any local user or group policy restrictions and delete the %windir%\SoftwareDistribution folder.
* Fixed Bug displaying system restore point messages in language specific text

Homepage - http://www.litepc.com/xplite.html

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