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  • Publisher: Laurel
  • Number Of Pages: 368
  • Publication Date: 1982-08-15
  • Sales Rank: 545905
  • ISBN / ASIN: 0440384249
  • EAN: 9780440384243
  • Binding: Mass Market Paperback
  • Manufacturer: Laurel
  • Studio: Laurel
  • Book Description:

    A revolutionary new system that lets you master facts, figures, sports skills, your health, psychic abilities--anything!--two to ten times faster than you ever thought passable.

    Remember almost anything you see or hear.

    Master sports skills with incredible ease.

    Solve problems while you sleep.

    Raise your grades and shorten your study hours.

    Learn languages with lightning speed.

    Turn your children into superlearners.

    Improve your health, reduce aches and pains.

    Succeed at anything you do with powerful new skills that help you makes the right decisions.

    And much, much more...

    Add undreamed-of dimensions to your abilities, using innovative, easy-to-follow techniques proved in worldwide studies. Included are dozens of exercises that can turn potential into ultra-performance in almost every area of your life.

Format: lit
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