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Memory Zipper Plus 7.11.4


Memory Zipper Plus 7.11.4 | 1.3 MB

Systweak Memory Zipper Plus is a memory optimization and management tool. It frees the memory which windows neglects and fails to release and t defrags the RAM and makes available a large block of memory to system.

Here are some key features of "Systweak Memory Zipper Plus":

· Increases available RAM for applications and the operating system.
· Defrags system memory.
· Comes with CPU Cooler to save power.
· Comes with Task Manager to Kill unused Applications
· Set there priority.
· Comes with Data Safe feature for Data Safety and prevents data loss.
· Automatically configures itself on Windows NT/2000/XP with new options.
· Recovers unused RAM from applications and the operating system.
· Recovers RAM leaks from poorly behaved applications.
· Repair memory leaks, and avoids crashes, system hangup and blue screens.
· Performance tune up your file caching.
· Loads applications up to 30% faster.
· No performance degradding compression.
· No system files modified or replaced.
· No drivers or VxDs are installed on your system.
· Fully Customizable and can also be put in automatic mode.
· Written in LOW ASM Language for speed and size.
· ON Line HELP.

· Pentium / AMD CPU with at least 16 MB RAM - 32 MB Recommended

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