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Extensis Portfolio v8.5.0

Extensis Portfolio v8.5.0
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Extensis Portfolio is powerful digital asset management software, but think of it as your personal assistant. It allows you to visually organize, sort and preview your complete library of digital assets — both online and offline. Its built-in automated features allow you to quickly embed metadata into, archive, and share your assets with partners, clients and vendors. Scratchpad Galleries, Custom XMP Read and CS File-Info Panels, SmartGalleries, Express Palette™, Wide Range of File Format Support, One-Click CD Publishing & Archiving, Built-in Image Conversion, Roundtrip Metadata, Saved Cataloging Options, Full-Screen Previews, Email or Burn Low-Res Previews, Custom Views, Contact Sheet Printing, Web Page Creation Wizard!

What's new in 8.5?

Presets Palette
Save collections of metadata as a pre-set. Then, using the Presets Palette, quickly apply this to an entire selection of assets. Use this to drive processes and automate workflows.

Default Field Values
Set field values up front and save data-entry. These values will be automatically applied to all assets as they enter Portfolio to ensure they start out the way you want. Use Default Field Values to make sure every asset is appropriately credited, initiate processes, or apply important metadata that needs to be associated with all your assets.

Catalog Types
Select a Catalog Type to get up and running in an instant. Each new Catalog Type is designed for a specific usage, including search and metadata settings that are tuned to your needs. From simple cataloging of PDF files to sophisticated Project Sync workflows, Catalog Types will have you set up and running in no time.

Enhanced Digital Camera Support
Portfolio supports the most current, professional-level digital cameras, such as the Canon 1D Mark III. This upgrade adds support for Raw file formats from an expanded list of cameras, including the Nikon D40x, Olympus E-410, E-510, Olympus SP550Uz, Fuji S5 Pro and Panasonic Fz8.

Enhanced PDF and EPS Support
Portfolio 8.5 quickly generates high-quality thumbnails and previews from PDF and EPS documents, making it an ideal solution in PDF workflows. You can also view complex, multi-page PDF documents from within Portfolio on both Macs and Windows platforms.

Key Features:

Scratchpad Galleries
Scratchpad galleries are temporary baskets used for sorting, editing and merging files from multiple galleries or searches into a single gallery. These can be used for printing, collecting or publishing.

Custom XMP Read and CS File-Info Panels
Take advantage of the IPTC4XMP standard known as IPTC Core, used by Adobe Creative Suite applications. This effectively extends Portfolio's custom fields into the most popular creative applications, allowing a two-way exchange of information.

Galleries (or subsets) in Portfolio can be set to automatically find any cataloged file that meets your pre-determined criteria. This ensures that your galleries are always updated without you having to lift a finger.

Express Palette™
This floating palette makes the contents of your Portfolio catalogs instantly available within any application, at any time, via a global keyboard shortcut. Find, copy, open and use any file you've cataloged — without even launching and opening Portfolio. The palette displays thumbnails of each item in your catalog and its filename.

Wide Range of File Format Support
Portfolio is capable of cataloging any digital file. It also has the ability to generate and extract thumbnails, display screen previews and extract metadata from most standard graphic and video formats.

One-Click CD Publishing & Archiving
Collect files, create a catalog, add a copy of Portfolio Browser and burn a CD/DVD in one step. Collect original images or low-res JPEG previews for distribution.
Automatically change paths of cataloged files to a destination disk, allowing you to move content offline without having to manually relink files.

Built-in Image Conversion
Save time by converting cataloged images (individually or as a batch) to JPEG, TIFF, VFZ or PFZ format within Portfolio. Define resolution, size and color mode.

Roundtrip Metadata
Write Portfolio metadata (keywords, descriptions, custom field content, etc.) back into your image files, so the information travels with your files, independently of Portfolio. Includes EXIF, IPTC and XMP.

Saved Cataloging Options
Create multiple, automated workflows that do all the work of cataloging, keywording, renaming, even archiving for you. You can also save your cataloging option presets, so they can be used again at any time.

Full-Screen Previews
Create low-res JPEG previews up to 2,000 pixels in size and instantly view your files full-screen, no matter where they are stored.

Email or Burn Low-Res Previews
Portfolio makes it easy to email proofs to clients, partners and others by generating low-res JPEG previews and allowing you to email them directly within Portfolio. Also burn JPEG previews to a CD/DVD.

Custom Views
Create professional custom views of your images with a rich variety of formatting options.

Contact Sheet Printing
Print customized contact sheets quickly and easily. Simply choose the number of images per page and Portfolio will size and arrange the images in a grid, ready for print.

Web Page Creation Wizard
Portfolio dramatically simplifies the process of generating high-quality web content — even if you don't know HTML. For more robust web-publishing capabilities (including the ability to offer multiple concurrent connections).



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